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Solent NHS Trust

Since 2020, Solent NHS Trust has frequently worked with Trident Fire Compliance on numerous healthcare facilities, assisting with passive fire protection specifications, fire compartmentation surveys and compliance inspections.

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Solent NHS Trust | Trident Fire Compliance

Solent NHS Trust

The NHS Trust frequently carries out upgrades and refurbishments to their properties over time, to strive to provide modern and innovative healthcare for patients.

This often means reconfiguration of rooms and services, which can lead to compartmentation issues.

Trident has worked with the Trust at locations such as the Western Community Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital during these renovations to identify any potential compartmentation defects and advise on how best to remediate the problem.

This also led to the Trust requesting Trident to carry out compartmentation surveys of various wards and buildings to identify firestopping and fire door issues prior to renovations taking place.

Trident has worked on facilities such as the Bitterne Health Centre, The Limes Mental Health Ward, and the Swan Health Centre to carry out compartmentation surveys and provide recommendations of remedial works required to reinstate the required level of fire compartmentation.

Most recently, Trident has been working closely with the Solent NHS Trust and their architects on the new hospital block to be built at Western Community Hospital.

The new block will increase the number of patient beds available and spearhead a series of refurbishments and renovations around the hospital.

Trident has been engaged to review the early building design to ensure it complies with the required guidance and regulations, and will soon be carrying out compliance inspections to ensure fire protection works are completed to the correct standard.

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