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Discovery Quay, Salford

As part of our ongoing professional working relationship, Graham Construction requested Trident Fire Compliance join them on their Discovery Quay project - a new 270 luxury apartment block in Salford.

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Discovery Quay Salford | Trident Fire Compliance

Discovery Quay, Salford

Graham Construction wanted to ensure that their high standards of achieving fire compartmentation were maintained.

Trident Fire Compliance were brought onboard to carry out regular compliance inspections, in order to provide assurances that works were being completed correctly.

While Graham Construction always use competent, third party accredited contractors for their fire protection works (and Discovery Quay was no exception), they are one of few construction companies who go the extra mile to ensure they achieve full compliance on their projects.

Trident Fire Compliance were employed to carry out a programme of compliance inspections during the build to monitor installations, review records and provide technical advice on installation guidelines.

During our inspections, we were able to confirm compliance on the vast majority of firestopping installations as they were being installed, but a number of concerns were raised.

The most common issue was the risk of ceiling deflection impacting, and potentially damaging, fire seals during the life span of the building.

Fortunately, Trident were able to work in tandem with the installing contractor to identify a suitable system to overcome this issue and assist with its specification and application.

Other minor defects were noted during the various visits, such as damage to fire seals due to follow-on trades (a common occurrence in building construction), but our attention to detail brought these to light to ensure that repairs could be carried out before finishes were installed.

At the end of the project, a full review of the installers’ records was carried out to ensure the records were suitable and the installations appeared to be compliant as per the agreed standard.

Our thorough review of the works in progress and upon completion meant that Trident was able to complete a final report on the overall completion of the works and confirm compliance to specification.



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