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Over a two-year period Trident conducted hundreds of compliance inspections on over 80 separate properties in the Landsec portfolio.

Each inspection was followed up with a written report of findings to feedback to Landsec senior management on the progress of the remedial firestopping project, and also feedback on the contractor’s ability to complete the necessary works.

Landsec were extremely grateful for the role that Trident played in this project. Trident were able to be the eyes and ears for the client on the ground, but also provide an independent confirmation that compartmentation was being achieved to the standards expected of one of the largest commercial property developers in the UK.

This compliance project was a challenging one due to the sheer size of the Landsec property portfolio. It was not just the number of properties which required inspecting, or the size of the properties themselves, but also that these buildings are all live and frequently undergoing changes.

High rise offices are frequently changing tenants which requires new services and changes to layouts, and shopping centres are often removing dated services and replacing them with new, more modern, systems.

This meant that the Trident team and firestopping contractor were constantly having to remain vigilant for changes which would require addressing during the two-year programme.

Following the successful completion of this firestopping project, Landsec wanted to put procedures in place which would minimise the extent to which compartmentation is damaged and left unchecked on their vast array of properties.

Landsec issued a company-wide, detailed policy on how to manage firestopping in their properties (with the assistance of Trident), as well as enforcing a permit to work system that specifically addresses any potential compartmentation concerns.

In addition to this, Trident have been engaged to carry out annual audits of their properties to ensure management teams are carrying out suitable checks and following the necessary policies to ensure compartmentation is not compromised.

These audits also involve a partial survey of the building each year to identify any defects which may have been missed and ensure they are addressed in a timely manner

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