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Graham Construction

Graham Construction and Trident Fire Compliance have formed an ongoing working relationship on a large selection of their new build projects across the north of England.

Trident has been engaged on numerous projects including (but not limited to) the Copper House (Strand Street, Liverpool), Discovery Quay (Salford), Houndshill Shopping Centre, (Blackpool), West Cumberland Hospital (Whitehaven) and the Audley Retirement Village (Scarcroft).

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Graham Construction | Trident Fire Compliance

Graham Construction

Trident have been able to, and continue to, provide a wide variety of consultancy services to the various Graham Construction teams on their projects.

Trident is frequently requested to carry out ongoing compliance inspections of completed fire protection works to identify any defective installations and raise them to the site management for correction.

Our presence on site also means we can assist with more complicated and ad-hoc situations which may require in depth details and assessments to be able to find a suitable firestopping solution.

By having an independent consultant involved with the project, providing a second layer of assurance that fire protection works are installed correctly, Graham Construction can provide the end users with extra levels of comfort that their building is compliant to specification and any relevant guidance and regulations.

On several Graham Construction projects, more detail was required prior to works being completed on site. Trident have been able to liaise with the site management and design teams, as well as the building architect and fire engineer, to review the various fire protection requirements for the project.

With all the relevant stakeholders on the same page, Trident can best advise and recommend suitable solutions for their fire protection systems and more importantly advise on how best to prepare these situations so a solution can be installed correctly.

This has often resulted in Trident preparing specifications and guidance on how to install the various fire protection systems to ensure there are no errors or misinterpretations by the contractors.

By preparing these documents in advance, Graham Construction and their chosen contractors are clear on what works are required and can minimise delays to the project programme.


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