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Mercure and Ibis Styles, Paignton

Midas Construction began undertaking works to introduce two new, modern hotels to the Paignton seafront to improve the quality and quantity of hospitality facilities at the holiday destination in the Southwest.

Brady Construction took over the project in 2022 when Midas Construction fell into administration and were driven to get the projects completed in time for a summer opening in 2023.

As part of their campaign to complete the project in good time, Brady Construction contacted Trident Fire Compliance to assist with the preparation of Regulation 38 Documentation to support compliance with the Golden Thread standards of fire safety and fire protection.

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Mercure Hotels Paignton | Trident Fire Compliance

Since Brady Construction picked up the reins from Midas Construction, there was some difficulty with trying to put the pieces of the project back together and get it moving towards completion.

There were troubles with retaining contractors on the project, or obtaining information on the design and construction of the building.

At the stage of the project when Brady Construction were involved, re-designing the building was not an option.

One of the most important things that Brady Construction wanted to get collated and ready was the fire safety documentation.

This ranged from the water mist system installed into the hotel, all way down to the type of fire doors installed.

Brady Construction wanted a simple, comprehensive, document that brought together all of the details of the fire safety systems (for each hotel) so that they could provide this to the end user.

This document would make maintenance and operation of the fire safety systems, as well as future fire risk assessments, significantly easier as all of the information would be located in a single document (rather than multiple documents, files and folders which could be easily lost or misplaced).

During the construction of the building, this kind of documentation also helped identify any information that was missing from the fire strategy design and allowed Brady Construction to focus their attention on obtaining that information for the project.

Trident Fire Compliance worked with Brady Construction to prepare this documentation for both of the hotels being constructed.

Our comprehensive review of the available information helped identify any lacking or conflicting documentation, which allowed Brady Construction to review their records and resolve any queries.

This also made consultations with the relevant Building Control Authority much easier as many of the items that would undoubtedly have been raised by the Authority were identified prior to their engagement.

Both of the hotels have been successfully completed, with the Regulation 38 Documentation prepared by Trident Fire Compliance forming part of the project completion pack.

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