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Trident Fire Compliance are a fully independent and impartial consultancy specialising in the field of passive fire protection and fire safety in both new and existing buildings.

Operating in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, we specialise in providing expert advice and guidance on all matters of passive fire protection, fire compartmentation and fire safety.

Our services extend from pre-design and construction phase, right through to existing buildings and remedial works.

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About Us

Passive fire protection & fire safety to protect people & buildings

Trident Fire Compliance is your fire protection and fire safety consultant – here to help you achieve fire compliance on your new or existing building.

Trident offer a range of services when it comes to fire protection, to ensure you comply with the relevant guidelines and regulations.

Our gold standard of service is why we have been trusted by some of the biggest commercial and construction names in the UK to help them deliver compliant projects across the country.

Solution Driven

We support you in your project by confirming what is right and identifying what is wrong. But our service doesn’t stop there. We want your project to be completely compliant, which is why we will give you solutions to problems that are identified.

From the simplest firestopping solution to the largest full scale compartmentation strategy, Trident Fire Compliance will ensure you deliver a fully compliant and safe project.

Making Fire Protection Simple

We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and approachable service when it comes to fire protection and fire safety.

We want to take the complex and make it easy to understand and give you solutions that will help you achieve building compliance.

Trident Fire Compliance can be your one reliable source of guidance for passive fire protection and fire safety.

We are your fire protection expert

Through the new Gateway scheme of building design and construction, Trident Fire Compliance can be your expert to help you get through Gateways 1, 2 and 3.

Whether it’s specifying a product or system for your project, or carrying out site-wide compliance inspections on installed fire protection systems, we work as your fire safety expert on the ground and with your team.

The Trident team have an intrinsic understanding of the fire protection and fire safety industry and are here to help you when you need us.

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Fire protection from A to Z

Trident Fire Compliance offer a wide range of services with regards to fire protection and fire safety. Our competent and accredited team are able to provide consultations, specifications, inspections and beyond. We work with leading organisations and professional bodies to ensure the guidance and expertise you receive is of the highest quality and fully compliant with the relevant regulations and standards.

We are proudly accredited by…

Case Studies

All projects great and small

Trident Fire Compliance have a history of delivering on a range of project types. From the smallest block of flats, to high rise London skyscrapers, to hospital refurbishments and more, we have extensive experience working in every type of building and industry. Residential, commercial, or institutional, we have got you covered.
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Our Partnerships


Our team have always been passionate about promoting positive environmental action. As a small business, it can be difficult to implement big changes like larger companies in the UK. However, we still wanted to find a way where we could make an impact nonetheless, and partnering with JUST ONE Tree has allowed us to do this. By donating 1% of our profits every year to JUST ONE Tree we know that their incredible work benefits not just the environment, but people and communities all around the world.

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Bristol City FC Community Partnership | Trident Fire Compliance

Bristol City FC Community Partnership

In 2024, Trident Fire Compliance was invited to be a Community Partner with Bristol City Football Club by Eleven Media. As a Bristol based company, we always want to find ways to be active in the local community and this presented an exciting opportunity for us. Through this partnership, we, along with other local businesses in the Bristol area, support the club and benefit from enhanced stadium and media attention. This helps us raise the profile of our business and the ways in which our services can benefit our customers.

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Trident Fire Compliance strive to be the first port of call with regards to passive fire protection and fire safety. We want you to get it right first time.

Our expert consultants can work with you through design, construction and end-use of a building to ensure it is compliant to the regulations and guidelines.

Get in touch to see how we can help you. Let’s work together to achieve compliance.

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